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A selection of delightful and appetizing foods. The taste of spices & herbs will make your palate sing! Food that elevates the soul;   These are the flavors everyone is buzzing about.                
Jamaican Ackee and Saltfish Pizza


"Jamaican born, raised & bred.  My cuisine is influenced by my mixed-Jamaican background of Chinese, East Indian, African - Maroon, Jewish, and a pinch of Irish."


Restaurateur and Chef, Dwayne Chen, affectionately known as "Chef MixiTup," (pronounced mixee-Tup, in Jamaican Patois), began his culinary adventure when he was a child and would catch small birds, clean and roast them using "3 rock stones and a few dry sticks" in rural Jamaica, West Indies.  He learned to cook Chinese, Indian, and Jamaican cuisine from his grandparents and other family and friends. 


Raised by his Indian grandmother and Chinese grandfather, and growing up in Jamaica amongst diverse cultures, his cuisine consists of combining spices and ingredients from his mixed-Jamaican background of "Chinese, Indian, African - Maroon, a pinch of Irish, and a twist of my Jewish blend."  While in Jamaica, he also developed kosher cooking as part of his cuisine. 


Having grown up in a rural farming community, Chef MixiTup has a great appreciation for organic farming and cooking, wherein he grew up with varieties of organic fruits and vegetation including avocados, bananas, coconuts, mangos, sugarcane, ackee, breadfruit, cashews, and cocoa...which all "grew at my doorstep."  He had hands-on experience helping his grandmother in farming and cultivating corn, peas, yams, "pop chow" (bok choy), "cho-cho" (chayote), cassava, mustard greens, calaloo, as well as "picking, drying, parching, and grinding coffee," and even raising chickens.  "Music is another story... when we meet I'll be excited to have a conversation about it". 


In addition to a career in interior design (, Chef MixiTup studied marketing, and restaurant & hospitality management at Mt. San Antonio, and patisserie, baking, confections, and savory cuisine at The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of California, where he graduated with honors.


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